Sunday, January 11, 2009

pineapple tarts...again!

Sometime back, i attempted some pineapple tarts which i felt were too soft for my liking. Hence, i'm experimenting some recipes to yield some tarts with more "structure" and a little "crunch".

These tarts i made today are a little less soft than the previous time but somehow lost that buttery fragrance which i quite like. Probably because of the less amount of butter used. I'd start on another pineapple tart experiment soon on how i can increase that buttery aroma and yet retain that slight structure.

The pineapple tarts weren't crunchy per say, but were a little be firmer than the previous ones. However, the melt-in-the-mouth recipe is more suitable for tangerine styled ones as they are muchhh easier handle when wrapping the pineapple jam.

Today, both my sisters helped me out with the pineapple tarts, one rolling the pineapple jam and the other working on the tangerine styled ones. We were bored after a while of the same old pineapple tarts and decided to use whatever we have and try out different styles. Here you see rectangular ones, triangular ones and one even made to mimmick a real pineapple with all the cuts in the dough =p

I tried out 2 different recipes. The one with the wet dough is something i sorta pieced and put together and based on my knowledge of each ingredient i attempted to turn it into a recipe that i THINK i'll like. However, I did not read the recipe properly (as i halved it) and put the whole egg in instead of 1/2 egg. As a result, the dough became really wet and i had to just chill it before using it. Surprisingly, despite the 'wet' dough, i was able to roll it without flouring the work surface or rolling pin. cutting out the shapes were easier too just that transferring them to the baking tray got it a little distorted. =X

i have a feeling things would be pretty much alright if i added in only 1/2 egg instead. Oh well, more experiments coming my way!
Here are more 'crazy' designs we did. Instead of the usual dot or cross or 'tic tac toe' pattern etc, we started trying to make "faces" out of it. It was really tedious though as we had to cut and trim and place them carefully on top. But it was sure nice, looking at these pineapple tarts that looked different from usual. A really nice fun family activity i suppose?

I'm glad i asked one of my sisters to help out and she was the one who started making these faces. She was pretty troubled with certain things and i thought this would probably keep her occupied for a while and i'm really glad she had so much fun with making these.

I hope i'll see her just like this smilely pineapple tart very soon again! Cheer up yea?


Baking Librarian said...

hi youfei

Nice to see lovely made pineapple tarts again. I am going to make more pineapple tarts over the coming weekends. The melt in the mouth recipe is pretty good but i find the dough very sticky to handle.

When i kneaded the dough, it did not peel off the surface easily and some parts got stuck onto the kneading surface. I made ball shaped tarts and i find that the base tends to soften and spread out when i popped them into the oven. So what i did was to refrigerate them for 15minutes before i bake them. Wonder if you have experienced the same thing.

Btw i have included your blog under my blog list. Happy baking for CNY and enjoy all the festive goodies.

youfei said...

Hi Baking Librarian,

I'm really glad you tried the recipe and even bothered to leave a comment! =D

Yes, the dough is indeed sticky to handle because of the high amount of butter involved. What I did was to refrigerate it for at least 30 min or until I could until the dough properly. What I do is that to take out an amount i could handle and leave the rest in the refrigerator. That is so that the rest of the dough remains firm while i work on the rest.

Another thing i do is that I flour the surface and my rolling pins quite heavily to prevent tha dough from sticking. Also, while rolling, do not apply too much pressure at once but slowly and gently until the level of thickness desired is reached.

Actually for the tangerine styled onces, i used a slightly different recipe from the one i posted. But what you have experienced is perfectly normal. usually the butter "melts" and hence tends to spread, together with the effect of gravity, it gets pulled "downwards" hence you see that the base expands and get "distorted". What I do is to roll them, place them in those small baking cups and bake them IN the baking cups. That way, it jus takes shape of the baking cups even if it spreads =)

I'm glad you like the recipe and keep trying! For clearer instructions on how to handle the dough and stamping out those patterns, you should visit Oi Lin's blog ( She has videos on how she rolls the dough and etc. =D

Happy Baking! Hope things get better =) Nice hearing from you!

Happy CNY and i'm sure all your friends and family would appreciate what you've baked for them =))

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