Monday, January 12, 2009

new toy new kenwood kMix! I was supposed to bake kueh lapis today and was fretting over the process. I had to whip the egg yolks till thick and creamy and also the egg whites to stiff peaks.

I wasn't sure if i could leave the egg yolk mixture out for a while, while i wash up the mixing bowl and wire whisk to whip up the egg whites. I have a hand mixer and i know that would solve the problem. However, it's kinda spoilt and i'm not really inclined to use it.

Just then, i got D to come along to help me out with the kueh lapis. and guess what? He bought me a kMix!! I was looking at it quite some time ago and really liked the 'cool' design but it was really a little pricey. Thank you D! A very very nice, pleasant surprise indeed.

On the other hand, while proceeding with cracking and separating the eggs, we discovered half were expired and spoilt! and my goodness! it was so so so smelly =XX kueh lapis today =(

Despite the fact that i didn't get to bake my kueh lapis, i was really excited and happy and elated and etc etc that i got a new hand mixer. Hmm, will i start abandoning my kitchen aid? not likely i suppose =p

happy! =D


Anonymous said...

You're welcomed.


youfei said...


You probably quite like it yourself too rite? Since it's your favourite colour =p

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