Thursday, January 1, 2009

pineapple tarts!!

nope! my laziness didn't get the better of me :) Although i did procrastinate at one point in time, i managed to overcome my laziness and churned out some wonderful smelling pineapple tarts.

Here's some pictures illustrating the rough process of making pineapple tarts:

I started off by preparing the pineapple paste (filling). I avoid using commercial, ready-made ones as they often tend to be too sweet and a little on the 'dry' side. It's my second time preparing the pineapple filling, but the first try was so long ago! Nevertheless, it turned out pretty alright and not too sweet, just the way i like it. =)
I'm trying out 2 different styles of pineapple tart here, both of which, i believe, are familiar to many.
1. wrapped up style/tangerine style
2. open top (which we're most familiar with)

For the wrapped up style, no rolling/cutting of dough is required. I measured out equal quantities of pineapple filling and dough which ensures that each tart is of equal size. I somehow prefer making this as there's less clean up and not rolling and cutting of dough =p

For the open top style, first you gotta roll out the dough and cut it with a pineapple tart cutter (or any other cookie cutter) and then place the rolled pineapple paste on the cut out dough. The only thing i don't really like is imprinting the pattern on the dough.
Guess i'll try figure out an easier way to imprint the patterns fast and clearly. What i did was to cut out the dough and place them on the baking tray and use the other part of the cutter (it comes together) to make the patterns. I discovered that the dough increased in diameter as i tried to push and create the pattern, which probably made it look bigger and 'thinner'.
Nevertheless, it still turned out acceptable looking, though not the prettiest you may have seen.

If you've read my previous posts, you'd realise that a friend asked if i do bake pineapple tarts and expressed interest in getting some from me this chinese new year. I would love to bake some for her but i gotta make sure she's satisfied with the product.
So here it is, all packed in one bottle for a taste test before i confirm with her if she really wants to order some tarts from me. I've also put in some of the kueh bangkit i made previously and if she likes it, i'd be more than willing to make some for her as well =)
Hope she likes it!
It's my second try at making pineapple tarts and for some odd reason, i find it much easier to do it this time round. Is it because of the famliarity? or, it is because i've been baking much more and gain more 'experience'? Whatever it is, i'm happy i made this small small batch of pineapple tarts. Btw, both had a soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture with a buttery taste =) Although, i feel i might use another brand of butter to increase this wonderfull buttery aroma..hmmm
till then..
recipe here


dolphing said...

I used to roll the pineapple jam into small ball in advance as well.^^

youfei said...

Hi Dolphing,

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Yea, I find it much easier and organised to roll them into small balls. When i first tried making pineapple tarts last year I didn't do so and it was so messy. On one hand i was cutting the dough and then i realised the pineaple jam was still in the bowl! =X

Btw, had a peep at your blog and wow! I must say you're really really really hardworking and i really admire you making the effort to take the pictures of each step. I wanted to do so for the pineapple tarts, but my hands were all tied up rolling the dough and etc, i just gave up.

pei fu! pei fu! =p

happy new year to you!

Baking Librarian said...

hi youfei,

nice blog you have there. I am thinking of attempting pineapple tarts for CNY and after reading your blog for the first time, i think it is a great place for me to refer to.

Your tarts and almond cookies look good. jiayou in baking and happy CNY. =]

youfei said...

Hi Baking Librarian,

Thanks for your compliments and thanks for dropping by my blog as well. Glad you like it =)

I guess it's quite an easy yet impressive tart/pastry to start off with =) I'm really glad and honoured that my blog can serve as a reference to you. Don't hesitate to drop me any questions. Though i'm not professional, i'll try my best in answering any questions =D

Do let me know how things goes if you do give the recipe a shot. happy cny!

Happy baking!

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