Tuesday, January 6, 2009

more baking trays..

I've come to realise the importance and convenience of having spare baking trays on hand. It really does help speed up baking. All the dough can be placed on the baking trays and they can be popped in one after another without having to wait for each to cool in between.

Another finding. I feel like it is a good investment to get swiss roll trays. they can be used to bake swiss rolls and double as a baking tray! They're light-weight and because of that material, they heat up/cool down pretty quickly. they come in a LARGE variety of sizes which makes baking in big batches easier.

Hopefully someone finds this small tip useful =)


ah Teo said...

yes, i agree. having more trays on standby is more productive. I did not know until i was baking batches of cookies for x'mas so it helps. buying those extra non stick silicon mats for the trays when u are baking cookies also helps cos it prevents them from sticking and easier to remove.

youfei said...

Hi ah Teo,

thanks for taking time to leave a comment =)

really glad someone shares the same view as me =p I haven't got any silicon mats so far and really am thinking of getting some. Well, i'm using baking papers at the moment and i feel very wasteful to use and throw and that i find myself having to replenish it pretty fast and often =X

thanks for the tip!


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