Monday, January 5, 2009

happy birthday dad!

happy birthday dad!

Today's my dad's actual birthday. We actually had a celebration dinner at the marina barrage yesterday together with some uncles and aunties and cousins. Since today's a weekday and my dad was a little busy with work, my sis and i decided to bake a little something as our gift to him.

We initially wanted to shop for a birthday gift for him on friday, but had no idea what to get for him. We finally decided we should just probably bake something for him, he'd probably be more touched that way =p

As we lit the cake and brought it out of the kitchen, my dad looked puzzled and said "这个蛋糕几时买的?为什么我没有看到?" ("when was this cake bought? Why didn't I see it earlier?") My heart skipped a beat. Usually, my dad is full of criticisms for my bakes, not sure if he meant it or he is just being sarcastic. Whatever it is, I'm just glad he likes the cake and how it looks =)

I suspect the cake wasn't baked to perfection. The middle portion felt a little "hard" or rather "compact" while the portions nearer the side were nice, moist and fluffy. The batter was probably too watery? I am unsure.
We had a little accident actually. The cake rose too high in the oven, it began to crack ALL OVER. As i inverted it to cool, the portion that rose out of the tin got squashed (which also might be the reason why the middle was compact) To our horror, as we removed the tin upon cooling, the base of the cake sunk! it was like a giant crater!
Well, I guess it'd evident why we only ended up with a 2 layered cake although i mentioned that it rose TOO HIGH. All that was left after trimming and saving the looks of the cake only allowed 2 layers. We had coffee whipped cream as the filling which was really yummy! and i regret not filling up a thicker layer. The whole cake was covered with the balance whipped cream and garnished with grated dark choc and oreo cookies. As you might have guessed, all that fanciful grated choc and oreo cookies were just a desperate effort to cover up my lousy frosting skills bahhh
The cake tasted ordinary but the mood was extra-ordinary. My dad was really happy (i could really tell) and naturally, i was happy too! My dad isn't young anymore and i really wish him good health and a big thank you to him for taking care and providing for the family all these years =)
happy birthday!


Beachlover said...

beautifully bake!! sorry,I thought I did put a comment here..

youfei said...

Hi Beachlover,

it's ok! =) maybe blogger goes crazy once in a while =)

Thanks for your compliments! (i saw your reply to me on your blog)I have more to learn for you. hehe. For one, I can't cook! I only can bake =p

And your dishes look really tantilizing. I must say i really admire how much effort you put into making the dishes look nice and the colours of it makes me drool..haha

Btw, I guess i still have improvements to make when it comes to baking cakes! and my frosting skills as well! hee

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