Monday, January 5, 2009

my first pineapple tart order..

I have just receive an order for 60pcs of open top pineapple tarts, 60pcs of wrapped up ones and 1 6" by 6" kueh lapis. I am really really thankful and grateful to have receive quite a "huge" first order.

I'm not sure how many have been reading my blog. I mentioned somewhere in my kueh bangkit post that a friend of mine requested that i make some pineapple tarts this cny. this is also largely why i baked those pineapple tarts, just so i could let her taste some.

I am really thankful and grateful to her for placing her cny goodies orders with me which makes me a little apprehensive as well. After all, this is my very FIRST order. I have baked many many things and given them away. Although many people commented that i should sell some stuff, but i guess that wasn't really my intention. I just really enjoy the process of baking and seeing that my friends and relatives enjoy the bakes makes me really happy =)

She turned down my request for me to turn her orders into my gifts to her instead and insisted that she does it as a proper business transaction. I just want to let her know how much i appreciate and thank her for her kind gesture. thank you sally! =DD

I am somewhat glad to have receive this order in that i hope that i will have learnt something from this process. i.e. managing my time, packaging the bakes and etc.

wish me luck! and once again, a BIG thank you to sally! =D


Small Small Baker said...

Hi youfei, congrats on your first baking order. You must be very busy now. Enjoy baking and hope to see more bakes from you. :)

youfei said...


Thanks! Actually I'm not really busy now. That's the only order i've gotten so far.

I wouldn't consider myself as really qualified to sell my bakes, but as long as someone is willing to buy/order, i'll gladly bake =)

I hope you enjoy baking too! btw, you managed to find your best pineapple tart recipe yet?

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