Sunday, January 18, 2009

chinese new year "orders"

I sorta had a "unofficial" cny cookies sale. Sale items were pineapple tarts (both versions), almond cookies and kueh lapis. Although I wouldn't say that they were huge orders, but i guess it was enough to keep me busy. After all, school started and i had to juggle between buying the ingredients, preparing the ingredients, getting used to going back to school (i.e. waking up early) and my other commitments as well.
Thank God I had D to come help me now and then. I even had to have a practice session baking kueh lapis as it was in last september when i crazily attempted making kueh lapis 4 days in a row!

I have orders yet to be completed and this is my first!
I designed a really simple gift tag, added some flowers to give it a cny 'feel'. At the back of the gift tag are a list of ingredients in the cookies/tarts. Was unable to capture it on camera but yep!

Hopefully this gives the usual plain red-cap containers a slightly different touch.

I have since learnt that baking for oneself's own consumption and to giveaway as gifts and to be sold are very different. I had to estimate the amount of cookies/tarts that could fit into which kind of containers, price them reasonably and made sure I could arrange them "professionally" etc etc. I'm quite glad to have gained this little bit of experience.

To D: No, i won't get sick of baking of so many pineapple tarts and cookies =p

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