Tuesday, January 13, 2009

almond cookies 2

I'm sorry for the posts that keeps repeating themselves. I'm experimenting and trying to arrive at recipes i really like and would use again and again. I've baked almond cookies again, yes, again, and I can only say I'm totally in loveee with this recipe.

It uses no egg, unlike the previous recipe so i guess you can consider it vegetarian? I'm not sure. I'm not one myself. But the simplicity of the ingredients, plus the simplicity of how quickly everything can be put together would definitely make me bake these little treats again and again and again.

The difference this time is that 1. no egg involved, 2. more oil used, 3. a mixture of ground and diced almond used. I'm not sure if it is because of the amount of oil and absence of the egg that gave it a really light yet crispy texture. In chinese, we call it 松脆. As compared to the previous recipe, it was simply crispy. I'm sorry about the poor description here, but this is truly truly delicious and yummy =) The recipe is very very versitile in a sense it can be used for both the rolled up kind and cut out cookies without much adjusments to the oven temp and bake timings.
Well, I finally bought a bigger flower cookie cutter and I was trying to take a similar picture in my previous almond cookie post to make a comparison of the size of the cookie. It is roughly 1.5 to 2 times bigger than the previous one. Because of the increased amount of oil used (i think) the dough was much "softer" and hence the cut out may not have looked as neat and clean. Nevertheless, it was much easier to cut it out this time as the previous dough crumbled too easily. Also, I didn't have to actually flour the work surface and rolling pin. I guess I kind learnt how to work with slightly soft/wet doughs and the trick is always to roll it lightly and not place too much pressure. Of course there are certain doughs that will still require flouring, but lazy as i am i'm always on the look-out for short cuts =p
I took a fellow blogger, cookie's advice and diluted the egg yolk before i brushed it on and this time, it didn't look as brown as the previous time. thanks cookie!


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ka..t said...

Hi! I used to have a recipe like this - involves using oil, ground almond, flour, icing sugar and a bit of salt. But I lost the recipe. Was wondering if you could share yours? Thanks!

youfei said...

Hi ka..t,

Thanks for dropping by! =D

I'd love to share the recipe with you =D However, this recipe is one that i've gotten from Elyn from esjoie.wordpress.com.

She has since taken the recipe down from her blog as she's selling these cookies now.

Hence, I'm not sure if i can share the recipe.

Maybe you'd like to email her directly instead? her email add is: baking_joy@yahoo.com.sg

terribly sorry! Hope you don't mind and will understand =)


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