Thursday, January 1, 2009

next up..

firstly, some updates about my kueh bangkit. my mum liked it, saying it tastes like those sold outside and asked if i could give one of the 2 containers to my uncle *smiles* brother finally couldn't resist and said the taste is there just a little too crispy for his liking. *scratch heads* boyfriend (a big fan of kueh bangkit) gave it a shot and said yummy! like those sold outside =DD

although some of it did taste "crispy", upon closer examination, we realised those crispier ones were really thin and my mould was a little bigger than those sold outside. those thicker ones felt perfect.

to conclude, the dough should be rolled to about 4-5mm thick but don't be too worried how thin it must be. A thicker cookie just has to baked longer while a thinner one shorter. In my opinion, it's more difficult to judge the doneness of a thinner cookie. so yep!

as the post title suggests, next up! would be of course, pineapple tarts. I've just finished cooking the pineapple paste at around 1am and gonna bake up some pineapple tarts tmr =) hopefully the laziness doesn't get the better of me.

As i looked around the internet and indulge in recipes and recipes and more recipes, i'm just so excited to embark on a cny festive goodies baking spree!

can't wait to try out some almond cookies and peanut cookies. I went on a crazy kueh lapis experiment some time back (before i started this blog) and hopefully i'd find time to bake some kueh lapis soon. The thought of the number of eggs involved scares me a little though =p

Look out for my pineapple tarts! and of course, happy new year to all! hopefully 2009 brings us more hope and joy =)
a peep at last year's pineapple tart try out..

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