Friday, May 29, 2009

steamy goodness

I finally tried out the much raved steamed moist chocolate cake recipe. It was super easy to put together and of course, a healthier alternative. Or so i think it is =p
The only problem I had was that the cake was pretty short. Less than 2" tall, 1.8" to be exact. (yes, i measured it) =( Plus, I had many small little holes on the surface of the cake AND the center was taller in the middle than the side! I did cover it with foil. But I'm not sure if it is considered covered "loosely". What I did was just to place the foil over the cake tin. No wrapping no anything. Just to make sure the surface was covered.
Anyone who tried out this recipe before knows what went wrong?
For those who want to have a hand at it, it can be found here! Apparently, this recipe was originally from Dralion from a forum, Kitchen Capers. It has TONS of good and raving reviews.
Having said that and rambling and complaning, the cake was good. if you don't have an oven, fret not! no baking experience, doesn't matter! no baking gadgets, no mixer, no "special" bowls, not an issue!!
As long as you have a steamer (no steamer also nvm, just use a big wok), large spoon and a big bowl, you're in for a treat! oh! I forgot, you do need to sift the flour. IF you really want to get a flour sifter, just get one at Daiso, $2 only, quite a bargain, isn't it?
Happy steaming!


Ian's mummy said...

yes! it tastes yummy except not sweet enough.. hee hee... both Ian & Phi love it too! :-)

youfei said...

uh-oh! Are your taste buds influenced by Shawn or Ian? hahahah

But I didn reduce the sugar la. My mum is always complaning about how sweet the cake is blah blah.

I'm glad both of them likes it! Maybe it's time you try out the recipe =p hehe..

Ian's mummy said...

No lah! I'm not as bad as Shawn. He very extreme one.

Ya. I may try out the cake next week after getting the cocoa powder. May try the cupcakes this week though. Hee hee... jus had another one jus now.

Ian's mummy said...

Heh! Have you tried Lana cakes? Heard very good.

youfei said...

hey! no leh..i dont even know where is it. haha..i also heard they're really good. hmmm

Cookie said...


Yep, I love this recipe too!

I had the same problem when I made this cake - the surface was full of pokey holes.

However, miraculously, no holes when I used the same recipe but bake it in the oven.

So I guess it is the steam that causes it :-)

youfei said...

Wow! that's really cool! Care to share how long and what temperature did you bake it at?

Cookie said...

I bake for 12min (cupcake) @180C. But get a muffin-like dome ( ... so maybe you can try using 170C instead.

Another problem is that the baked version is not as moist as the steamed one. heehee, the pokey surface is a small trade off for steamy goodness!!!

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