Saturday, May 16, 2009


I cheated on the post dates hehe..I kinda rushed to finish up the cake, cos I procrastinated throughout the week. bad me. haha..

So anyway, I saw a video from again and saw this castle cake and changed it to suit a boy's birthday =) And of course, i jumped at the chance to bake a birthday cake for jed's fourth birthday! =DD

The picture was courtesy of Kane. I was kinda at a loss at how to decorate the cake. The video said to put sugar cubes for the ridges on the wall. but..yuck! sugar cubes? so I tried replacing them with loacker wafers covered in dark chocolate cream. oh! yea, the cake was a 7" orange pound cake (which i modified from rei's chocolate pound cake recipe) sandwiched with dark chocolate pastry cream (which I too from Dorie Greenspan's baking: from my home to yours). The video showed to roll the ice cream cones in sanding sugar..i went..sugar again??? So since I was on a orange-chocolate theme, I went ahead and replaced the sanding sugar with chocolate rice!

I personally wasn't too satisfied with the outcome. I thought it could have looked better. oh well, i'm jus glad that jed's mummy said he looked happy and proud of his cake =D Someone commented the cake being a little hard, but i'm not sure if its because it was chilled. But then again, the cake had very fine grains, just like the condensed milk pound cake. so..hmm..i'm not sure either. *shrugs*

So, I won't be posting the varied version of orange pound cake now, until I get satisfied reviews about it. Do let me know however if you really want it. I can post it all the same =)

I do have to agree that the swiss meringue buttercream was SUPER sweet. I lost my swiss meringue buttercream recipe i used for ian's birthday so i had to use some that i found online. Only to find out the the sugar amount was ahem too much. apologies everyone!



D said...

The Swiss Meringue buttercream is sweet coz got a sweet person like you baking the boy a cake mah..



so do i get a Effiel Tower cake on my birthday?

Anna said...

don't feel bad about these things... it's such a nice thing to make a child happy especially with a homemade cake. The child will remember for life. i know i remembered my mother made a royal icing cake fruit cake (read: super sweet) one christmas and I still remember that with fondness.

youfei said...


Effiel tower ah..lemme think about it first..haha!

Hi Anna,

awww..that's nice of your mum! My mum doean't bake! haha! And i have to agree, I don't think they quite bother the taste. But just the moment of 'glory' when they poke and blow the candles wahaha =p

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