Monday, May 11, 2009

pound cakes!!

Do a simple search and I bet you'd get many raving reviews over this condense milk pound cake! So many mentioned about how this pound cake recipe yields Sara Lee tasting pound cakes. Ahh..Sara Lee pound cakes were my favorite when i was a child. It's been really long since I last tasted one and sad to say, I've really forgotten how it tastes like.

Speaking of which, it's my first time baking pound cakes. I baked my first pound cake using Rei's recipe on chocolate pound cake and reduced it to fit a 6" cake pan. I probably reduced it a tad too much and the miserable batter filled less than 1/2 the height of the cake tin! What made things worse was that knowing my oven's got this annoying over heating top element, I forgot to tent the cake! the top cooked too fast, too soon, that I ended up with a volcano! boohoo!=(( It was such a disappointment, I didn't bother with any pictures. The taste however, was wonderful. moist and soft.
I couldn't take it lying so I just had to try out the condense milk pound cake recipe which Rei kinda posted too. This time, results were much more satisfying! just look how tight and fine the crumbs are!
I was taking pictures of the cake when my sister just came home from school. Needless to say, she asked to try the cake and of course i gladly obliged. One mouth from her and she asked for another slice! So I had to try it and I fell in love with it right away. Moist, soft and acceptable sweetness! Although I can't give any comparison to Sara Lee's pound cakes, these were good enough and need no comparison =)
I didn't manage to capture how fine the crumbs were on the picture above and thought I'd take a close up shot on the crumbs. I don't think the picture did justice to the cake but, well, I hope you get the picture. (pun intended)
So what are you waiting for? Try this and you'll not regret!
Recipe here


Ian's mummy said...

Yes I want to try.... eating it! Ha ha!

I always want to try making all these cakes stuff, but too lazy. Sigh!

youfei said...

hahaha! yea i thought of bringing it to you..hmm maybe later?

Now you've got an excuse! you've got 3 little ones to take care of =p

Happy Homebaker said...

Sorry, I won't want to make this cake, I am waiting for someone like you to make one for me ;) Can I have just one slice please?!

youfei said...

wow! Thanks for having such confidence in my bakes hehe.. Sure you can! "Here! catch it!" =p

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