Tuesday, May 19, 2009

another workshop by Anna!

After the handbag cake workshop, Anna finally opened a class teaching simple 2 tiered cakes upon many requests! yipee! To me, it was a must go! I believe the skills and techniques learnt at Anna's workshops will last you your baking lifetime i would say. =p

I was really really looking forward to this workshop, but come the day, i was kinda tired and felt a little sluggish to go for class. But! but! the class didn't disappointment as usual and i lurvvvee the orange, cinammon cake Anna provided as a recipe. PLUS! i finally got to meet Jane from passionate about baking! well, that was the main reason why i got all excited about the workshop too! She's a really lovely lady, very warming, enthusiastic and very very easy to get along with. I'm glad to have joined the class else, I wouldn't be able to have meet Jane =D

I didn't do a good job taking all the pictures. But here they are, all the beauties lined up! My camera not as pro, just a normal point and shoot, so i couldn't zoom it, just had to break them up in order to see the details of each and every beautiful cake =D I really love these 2 cakes! they look so, girly, elegant and soothing.

Here's Jane's cake on the right which looked simple and classy to me. The colours, in my opinion were a really good match. I could have not though of such unique combinations!

The previous picture didn't capture the top of Jane's cake, so I hope this picture did some justice to her cake. The blue one is Philia's cake, owner of blogshop Ophilia.Treats. =)

And this, is mine =p I was deciding between putting on fondant cut-out flowers or using the beautiful, elegant stencils Anna had. The stencils looked like something to be mastered and i wasn't prepared to potentially destroy my pink cake =p And do, since i already had the flowers cut out, i decided to go ahead. But, i had another problem, how do i stick them on? The other ladies were really quick and creative and their cakes left me amazed! And so, I went back toying on the stencil idea. I finally decided on making a design of cascading flowers, which, wasn't that easy either. Putting the flowers at certain angles, to make them look random and flowing out from the top, proved a challenge with my not-so-artistic flare =S

Anyhow, THAT's the cake i ended up with. And I'm pretty satisfied with it. Except for the bare backside. But the other ladies and Anna convinced me it's supposed to look like that, elegant and simple. haha~

It's Anna's last workshop for now as she goes off for a break awating the delivery of her second boy! Congrats Anna and do have a great rest!! =))

Thanks Jane! Here's the picture you sent me! Thanks alot!! My camera not pro enough =p I have also been toying with the idea of getting a DSLR, but my lousy photography skills would just put the good camera specs to waste!

Thanks Jane once again!


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi You Fei,
Thanks for showing mine twice! A lot of "airtime" in your blog now! Hahaha...I really had to thank you for recommending me to Anna's class. I'm still grateful. :) I thought I was the only one with problem on how to design my cake. I didn't know you were also comtemplating the designs! Hahaha...Eventually, yours turned out very elegant. Enuf flowers to showcase, empty enuf not to clutter too! Actually your pink was very nice, but your camera dun seem to do justice to you. Let me send you what I captured for you. Please give your cake more justice! Hahaha... ;)

Philia said...

Dear You Fei

Your cake look really elegant and pretty, just like those from peggy poschern book hehe~ hope to see more creations from u


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi You Fei,
No worries. Must do justice to the effort you put in. At least this shows the hot pink of your beautifully decorated cake. Actually you can find your cake in Anna's website too! :) My pleasure.

youfei said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks alot for the kind gesture! You're super warm and friendly, just like how I expected you to be after the many email exchanges =DD

Hi Philia,
thanks so much for dropping by! My sister saw the pics and she loves your cake! hehe..and..i think you flatter me..i'm beginning to swell haha! I'd love to see more funky ideas from you too! =)

Anna said...

Hey Fiona! Cooool....everyone is here together! If you want to, go ahead and use the photo i emailed you. It's your cake after all. I only took the photo. =P

And, your photo skills are very good from what I can see throughout out your blog. My house lighting isn't so great....so it's hard to get a decent shot unless it's daylight. I had to mess around with the photo editing software to get the cakes to look brighter.

youfei said...

Hi Anna! hahah yep! so hnoured to have everyone here hehe =p thanks!

My photo skills are so-so seriously and the better ones are always taken in the day =) Those that are not, had to be edited too! I WAS thinking of taking up a course on food photography and styling..but on second thoughts..nahh...baking is my first love. Give that priority first wahahah!

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