Saturday, February 7, 2009

using up my egg whites part V: macarons

Another macaron attempt to finish using up my egg whites and of course, to improve on my macaron skills.
I'm am still not satisfied with the attempt this time round although it did not crack at all - not a single one, had nice high feet - every single one of them, but they had air pockets!

I have no idea why, but this has ALWAYS been a problem whenever i do the french meringue method. I remember leaving a comment on tartelette's blog about air pocket issues. She mentioned that it might be due to one to many folds, right between the perfect and seriously overfolded stage. What puzzles me is the super high feet which is a sign on underfolding..hmm. However, she did mention to ensure that i tap the tray before letting it dry out, which i so totally didn't do for the fear the the batter would spread =X maybe i really should have tapped the trays.

These small round things were really sweet as always and i probably would give up making these since my mum keeps complaining about how sweet and unhealthy and how this is really bad to make and eat etc etc.. oh wells..I wouldn't consider this a horrible attempt, just hoping that the airpockets disappears! or that i'd be able to find out what exactly went wrong and then, i think i'd be pretty much satisfied with everything else =)

[update]: As much as i complain and rant about my not-so-satisfactory attempt, a friend just really made my day and commented how well baked it is =D Thank you ZW! I'm glad you and your friends liked it =))

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