Thursday, February 26, 2009

happy belated V'day

A very very belated V'day cake and post. Well, I really did wanna do something special on v'day, but i was caught up with tests and baking other simpler stuffs. Finally, i had some time to do much more, but as seen, didn't turn out very well. I really did at once think of not giving to D at all since it looked so horrible, but then again, it's the thought that counts, isn't it? haha~

as you can see, the cake was "sweating" while i tried my very best to snap pictures of it. the rest came out really unsatisfactory, so only 1 picture for this post =( Well, i seriously haven't been able to capture pretty pictures these days. (not that i did before, but it just seemed to get worse now =X)

Anyway, I'm not a person with all that birthday, anniversary stuffs. to put it simply, i'm pretty "boring". But this time, i actually made the effort to surprise D at his void deck! and well, i guess he was really pretty surprised with the cake. (from the look of his face) I wanted to surprise him at his office initially, but the cake was too hedious and i didn't wanna let his colleagues see my lousy caking skills. ha~

I finally decided to give him, because:
1. it has his fav strawberries in it
2. the cake layers were super good!
3. the ingredients were expensive =p

and of course, i'm sure he'd appreciate anything i make so yep! I'm pretty glad i made this belated Vday thing. I feel it's more special when you make any other odinary day 'feel' special rather than cracking your brains over the most unusual thing on vday itself. Somehow, it doesn't feel as special since you're ALREADY expecting something. That's just my opinion. plus, vday is so over-hyped in Singapore. zzz

to D:
thanks for always being there to tolerate my nonsense. I know i do behave unreasonably sometimes (as i hate to admit) but thank you for always putting up with it. I hope your patience lasts =X though somehow i feel it thinning =XXX hahaha. Well, more importantly, thanks for all the little efforts you always try to make to spend time with me (despite crazy work), bake with me, cook for me, buy things for me etc etc and the list goes on.

Lastly, I really hope we both can grow in Him and i guess nothing beats a happy relationship as long you get your priorities right =)

Happy belated V day!

p/s: i hope the cake's yummy!

Back to business. This cake is made of up 3 layers of really soft and moist chocolate cake sandwiched with 2 layers of chocolate whipped cream and strawberries and covered in a layer of ganache. Speaking of ganache, it was really watery, yes, watery! I made a mess trying to pour it over, next time, i'm gonna put it in the fridge to let it set a little more before pouring it. I had a little issues with the ganache as it didnt cover the sides nicely. It keeps exposing bits of the whipped cream. booo =( i also think the cream was slightly overwhipped? *shurgs*

I figured it'd be a really simple cake to put together. just grab chocolate cake recipes you like, whip up some chocolate cream and sandwich it with some fruits you like and pour ganache over!

So, won't be posting any recipe here, unless someone requests for it =)

Have a good day!


D said...

I want to cry liao

youfei said...

don't cry la! haha! you're supposed to be happy!

Anonymous said...

ehhh D you're SUPER LUCKY OKAYYYY :)
you betta make my bestie happy or you'll kena my wrath. i've been told to carry balls in my pocket :p

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