Saturday, February 14, 2009

Strawberry cheesecake

yes yes yes, I know i mentioned i'd be away for a short break. But my itchy fingers can't stop from touching any baking related items.

I fell in love with Rei's strawberries cheesecake and has ever since been cracking my head over how she arrived at such a ingenious design. She was kind enough to post the recipe.

I found the recipe interesting as I've never really came across any no-bake cheesecake that requires the addition of whipped cream. Upon further reading (of the post), I realised that the recipe was originally from Florence who made a mango version of it.

After weeks or maybe months of pondering over how the design might have been done, I finally tried out this cake. Firstly, it was a no-bake, so I figured things would be simpler than a baked one. Secondly, korean strawberries were going at $2.95 per punnet in giant. Plus, D was craving for some, so I just jumped at the chance to make them. haha. Thirdly, I have a packet of cream cheese lying at home which came in really handy. Fourthly, i have all the ingredients ready, at home. i just had to try it.

So off i went, preparing the things and all.
As seen from the picture, obviously i did such a terribly job as compared to Rei's which was so so so beautiful and professionally done! Despite having thought extremely hard on how the design might be achieved and made all the precautions and etc before embarking on this try-out, i still screwed up!

Firstly, the batter could not fill up to cover the line strawberries. probably because i didnt use a full 200ml whipping cream. Secondly, I wasted more batter while fiddling and trying to make the pattern. So, what you see is the final amount of batter i managed to "save". Hence, the protruding strawberries at the side. =(((

Nonetheless, I'm still really really glad i managed something somewhere near Rei's strawberries cheesecake. More room for improvement! Taste-wise, it had a really rich strawberry taste that isn't too overpowering with evident taste of the cream cheese. Not too cheesy, light and nice!

Today, my brother's classmates came over to borrow the kitchen to bake a cake. I must say they're pretty daring to embark on a fully frosted cake without much baking background =XX I wasn't home to see if they screw up my baking utensils and all but when i came home, the cake was pretty much nicely frosted.

A little accident happened, but we still managed the cake onto the cake board. Upon realising it was off center and judging by the enormous amount of frosting left, I suggested to pipe words. I must say the girl who piped the words did a really nice job!

I remembered having a box of heart sprinklers and so, I offered them and suggested to sprinkle it all over the cake to liven up the otherwise dull, plain looking cake. They were all really happy with the outcome and i'm happy that they're happy. =p
I've no verdict on the taste, thought i think it's still acceptable for a first-time-try-out.

p.s. my brother came to tell me proudly that HE was the one who frosted the sides. I was pretty impressed cos it was pretty presentable for a first time. After exchanging a few sentences, he told me he actually "learnt" how to do it when he saw me doing the cartoon cakes previously. Pretty proud of him, a really quick learner but super lazy!

that's all for now, and i really hope i manage to concentrate on studying!!!! =XX


D said...

a fantastic first attempt!

Keep it up!!! =)

youfei said...

I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome, in that it "looks" like it.

But of course, I would have to perfect it and make it look neater, prettier and more presentable!

would your colleagues like this? HA~

Anonymous said...

i really loved your techniques and the outcome of your baking :D me and my older brother are thinking of making cheesecake, maybe ill pass him this recipe and we'll see the result ^^ i hope u dont mind im also using the picture of the triangle cut cake for my art (part of) coursework ^_^ its my second project and i hope it goes really good, your blog is awesome by the way :D

youfei said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks alot for the compliments! Do let me know how it went if you ever do try it out =)

It's nice that you let me know you are using my picture. Hmm..but would it be better if you credit the picture? Pardon me, but I am saying these as I don't want be to think they can just take others' pictures and use it for themselves. Plus, I don't know the nature of your coursework. Perhaps you could email me?

Thanks for the compliments with regards to my blog, i'm glad you like it and find it useful =D

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