Monday, February 2, 2009

using up my egg whites part II: light butter cake

I'm hoping that from the post titles that you might be expecting a series of bakes/recipes involving egg whites. I've mentioned in the previous post that i'm desperately trying to use up my egg whites before i toss them into the bin.

It's funny how i've been franctically searching recipes that uses only egg whites and not realising i have one just right at home! it's a butter cake recipe using egg whites only, perfect. I baked it twice as cupcakes (that's the so-called original recipe). However, it also makes a 6" round cake.
Having tried it out as cupcakes, i thought, why not try it out as a cake this time. I went ahead, preparing the ingredients and all, the recipe was a breeze. total 1 min and 30 sec mixing time only.

I was told that it'd probably take 25 to 30 min to bake in a 6" tin. so i waited and waited, the top browned, it rose a little, so far so good. 25th min came, took it out to test. guess wat? the top was all nicely browned and all, yet the cake was still wobbly! obviously not done. repeated this for the 30th, 35th, 40th.....and finally it was only done on the 50th min! ?!?!

by then, the top had cracked badlyyyy =( fortunately, the cake came out nicely, but, only 4cm tall. (not including the dome) zzz

waited for it to cool off and slice of the dome. my! the crust was THICK and HARD. =X however, despite the hard crust, the insides was really moist. the cake was a little too sweet in my opinion, so i shall try to reduce the sugar in future.

a really really fragrant butter cake indeed. I can't really remember how did the cupcakes i did turned out before, but this recipe is definitely a keeper, with minor adjusments to be made of course (i.e. baking time)

I'm hoping to try out aunty yochana's white butter cake recipe soon and do a comparison with this one. i hope...


Bingjun said...

the butter cake looks yummy... any leftovers?? : b

youfei said...

haha, i'll have to go home and check =p it's a little moist and dense. not the marble cake kind of texture though..

still trying to perfect it hee

baby_mei said...

i like to try new recipe but this kind of cake is still so far away of my reach... afraid of failed :)
u've done good with the texture :)
i love that

youfei said...

Hi baby_mei,

thanks for dropping by! Hmm..have you tried cupcakes recipes? Cupcakes are a good way to start, cos the same recipes can be converted to cake recipes by simply baking the batter in larger cake tins =)


Anonymous said...

Hi youfei,
I would like to ask, the butter recipe calls for 45g egg yolk and 80g egg white and for this light butter recipe is it to use 45g and 80g of egg white or just 80g of egg white. Thanks!

youfei said...

Hi Anonymous,

This light butter cake recipe is different from the other butter cake recipe. The measurements and method are also different.

However, I am unable to post the recipe for this light butter cake as it was a recipe from a class.


aunty yochana has a similar light butter cake recipe. you can check it out here:

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