Monday, February 2, 2009

using up my egg whites part III: milk-tea angel food cake

Saw the post by bakingfiend on Lavendar angel food cake and immediately decided i should try it out. the ingredients looked simple enough. Just egg whites, flour and sugar (and lavendar of course). A little apprehensive, as it's my maiden attempt at angel food cakes. i haven't even attempted a chiffon before!
Intended to follow her recipe exactly coupled with the fact that i have a packet of dried lavendar sitting in the cupboard. However, i recalled me not liking the taste of lavendar very much, it felt like i was eating soap! Decided against it for the fear i would have to chuck the cakes in the bin.
Popped by daiso to get those cute little moulds. was eyeing it for quite sometime but didn't have a proper recipe/ need to buy it. now i've got a valid excuse =p
I looked around the kitchen for something to replace the flowers and finally settled on instant milk tea. primarily because, 1. upon reading up on other blogs, milo chiffon not a very pleasant effect. 2. there wasn't any instant coffee left at home. so, since there was instant milk tea, i just settled with it.
The original recipe mentioned that it fits 3 small moulds nicely. However, I only managed to fill 2 moulds up. (i filled it about 80% full based on my reading up on chiffons and assumed the same for angel food cakes) The cake rose well in the oven, it rose and rose and rose too high that it started cracking all over! it was like a huat kueh instead! =X

I guess i have filled too much batter into the tin. The funny thing is, the batter at the sides don't rise very high, not as much as the middle. hmmm...
The cake unmould pretty easily and nicely. very satisfied with the outlook. but =X it was a little tough, the feeling of a overmixed cake batter. I suspect i might have over whipped the egg whites till it was too stiff to be folded with ease into the flour. i spend quite sometime trying to incorporate the egg whites and had to leave as it is though there were still some bits here and there.

Taste-wise, the tea taste came through not too over-powering and rather subtle. A tinge of bitterness lingered after a while. Texture wise, it was really poor and i would not want to really eat a cake like that =( Therefore, won't be posting the recipe here.
I think i should try out with a proper chiffon recipe some day and see how things goes.


Baking Fiend said...

sorrie to hear that yr attempt did not turn out well. mine did not rise like yours did. it was a flat top. and the structure inside wasn't so "holey" and tough.

youfei said...

Hi Ida,

I find it puzzling as i banged the tin a couple of times. hmm..

left a comment on your blog regarding the cake. gonna try it again and see how things goes =p


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