Thursday, March 5, 2009

milk chocolate and chesnut mousse

Warning! This dessert is not for the faint-hearted.

A post that's a little outdated, but i'm posting it because of the gorgeous photo taken by K. I adapted this dessert from Tartelette's blog while i was asked to prepare dessert for a gathering at a friend's place.

Both happy and regretful that i tried making this. Happy because I gave it a shot, regret because I didn't "test" it out prior to the real thing, was a little substandard in my opinion and im pretty much unhappy with the outcome.

Well, apart from it looking real pretty, it tasted pretty good too, just that in such tall glasses, you'd die of sugar AND chocolate overdose. (each glass measures 125ml). The chestnut mousse was pretty sweet which was counter-balanced by the plain diary whipped cream. The ganache was a tad too hard and not very smooth that made it a little ..weird? the chocolate mousse was alright, but a little bitter, especially when eaten with the chesnut mousse (which was sweet remember?)

I would definitely try making this again, sometime somehow, i don't know when. Would play around with the choc:cream proportions for the ganache, so it'd stay softer and smoother. Probably add more chesnut mousse for the chesnut taste to come through more than the chocolate..but overall, I still like it alright. oh! oh! how can i forget this, make them in smaller cups!!

recipe here
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