Tuesday, March 10, 2009

9 layer steamed kueh

I was really intrigued by the colourful layers of this kueh and still am, that I decided to try it out after seeing the recipe on bakingmum and Florence's blog.

I think this kueh is easily a favourite for many kids and adults today! And I'm sure it evokes many memories of peeling off layer by layer while savouring this pretty, yummy kueh!

I had 2 packets of tapioca flour that I haven't used since cny and since this recipe uses tapioca flour, it gave me more reason to try it out. With really really simple ingredients and method (minus the laborious steaming layer by layer) I felt complied to try it =p

I used whatever colouring i had at hand and had 9 layers exactly. I used 1 cup for each layer but 1 layer ended up exceptionally thin. I'd probably used a little less than 1 cup in future to ensure i get 9 even layers. OR, i might even do more layers as i felt the layers were a little thicker than those sold outside.

So here it is for those itching to make some home-made nine-layered steamed kueh.

*use a plastic knife to cut them out to ensure nice, smooth cuts!


Aimei said...

The colours are lovely! Sure taste good! :) Makes me want to eat now. :)

youfei said...

Hi Aimei!

haha colours can be deceiving =p It taste nice with a nice coconut fragrance,but i think it could have been more. =D

chumpman said...

What a rainbow, very pretty ! Looks very tempting, drool

youfei said...

Hi chumpman,

Thanks for the compliments! Do try this if you have time =) It isn't too difficult, just a little time consuming =p


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