Thursday, March 5, 2009

chewy milk chocolate and macademia nut cookies

Apologies for the lack of pictures on this post, the cookies were gone before I could snap pictures of it. I finally finally managed to get some decent chewy cookies. yes! like the subway kind, in case you were wondering. I like these better because:

1. you can put anything you like in it. choc chips, nuts, raisins, whatever you like
2. they're much less sweeter than the subway ones. (well i find those at subway annoyingly sweet!!! it's not that they aren't nice, but you kinda have to stop after 1)

I'm not entitled to post the recipe here but to make some of these yummilicious cookies, why not sign up for Anna's cookies workshop today?

p.s.: in case you were wondering, nope! I'm not paid to advertise for Anna's classes. Just a personal recommendation =p


Ian's mummy said...

Hmmm... chewy cookies like the subway kind... I wonder if Shawn will be begging you for it if he knew you succeeded in making it. ha ha

youfei said...

hahha i would think so..i tried it out primarily cos he asked me a few times. But i think i'd have to try perfect it more. He might or might not like it..cos it's less sweet than the subway ones (which i like. cos i think the subway ones are too sweet). oh well..when i do make it i'll most definitely pass some to him =p

Ian's mummy said...

Shawn has a very sweet tooth when it comes to desserts. Everytime he gets to eat nice chewy cookies, he'll ask me to learn which I'll tell him "why don't u ask Fiona". Ha ha.....

youfei said...

hahah oh no! maybe i should stick to the recipe i have first, den ask him what needs to be changed =p

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