Friday, February 5, 2010

With loveee...

Marriage has always been an issue of debate, even in the past. I believe that unhappiness and divorces did happen in the past, though probably not as prevalent and short-lived as the present.

My friend was just lamenting the purpose of the marriage certificate and questioned if it's existence is ultimately only a tool for self-protection. Without the cert, there's no argument for alimoney fees, without the cert, there wouldn't be any say in co-ownership of a flat/house. Without the cert, there probably is no reason to stay legally binded. Having said that, the binding power of the marriage cert is fast losing it's grip in today's time and society. Marriage as an institution is collapsing fast and the only one's who'd suffer are our future generations.

While getting married is truly something worth rejoicing and celebrating, it is really only but the beginning of a long, ardous journey together. I am not married, yet. But after witnessing the fall of many marriages of people around me really saddens me and makes me question the integrity of this institution.

However, I do believe that happy and ever-lasting marriages do exist. But those don't come easily and of course, effort and hardwork has to be put in to keep the love flame burning.

So, here's me wishing Philia and Xavier a happy, ever-lasting marriage. May the both of you work hard at keeping your love for each other burning!

I was tasked by Philia to bake her wedding favours and I was really excited as it's really, the first time I've done anyone's wedding favour =p It was easy to get it done because she knew what she wanted exactly and even showed me a picture. I was worried of not being able to get it done (especially when work zaps half your life) but she made things simple yet sweet. 3 small hearts in one packet, coloured white, pink and red respectively. With vanilla, chocolate and lemon cookies. Thank goodness she asked for small cookies if not, I wouldn't dare imagine how late I'd go to bed, slogging to finish baking these cookies.

Even so, baking them was no mean feat. Especially when 100 packs were order, which mounted to 300 cookies!! A day to bake, a day to ice, a day to pack. It was not easy, but D was sweet to help me out every single night. Seems like he's unofficially my business partner now =O Packing seems like something easy, but hey, it ain't easy when you have 3 different cookies to pack, seal and tie up complete with a tag. Not to mention, printing and cutting the tag needed time too!
It's a pity that I don't have a picture of the completed look of the wedding favour, but I hope you'd get an idea from the picture above.

Anyhow, here's wishing Philia and Xavier a blissful, happy marrige! Congratulations!!


Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Youfei, I'm sensing another you here in this post! I feel like you're talking to me! A change from your usual writing! =)

But hey, I've got faith in both you and Dennis! Bet you guys have been through together a lot! See, he stands by you every second ... I remember you told me about worrying if D is sort of bored out by you ... Well, I don't think so ... He still appreciates and love for who you're!

So, remember to tell me when you guys are getting married so that I can bake some wedding favors for you two as well ... though they aren't gonna be as good as yours! Yours look so pro!! Kudos to you for the persistence, strength & will you have shown!


Philia said...

Hey Fiona

I am soo thankful for your help in baking my wedding favours, all are very well received, You are a really talented baker and I hope we can attempt KeiKo's receipes soon at my new place?? hehe * HUgsss*

Ian's mummy said...

Yes, it's not easy to keep the love of flame burning after marriage especially if you have kids. Takes the effort of both. I was just having a discussion with S this morning about something related to this also. :-)

Hope you'll have a good rest during the CNY after all these tiring baking.

youfei said...

Hi Pei Lin!

hahah was a change from my usual style..feeling abit emo la haha..!

I'm appreciative of D, though i have to admit he does get on my nerves at times. But I guess that's where acceptance comes in isn't it? =p

I'd love for you to bake my wedding favours and thanks a million for offering! I'm sure you'd do a better job than I did, seriously. With your consciencious-ness and meticulous character, you'd bake much beautiful weddings favours than me hehe!

Remember to keep yourself free! HAHA

You Fei

Hi Philia,

i'm thrilled to know that the cookies were well received! Even more so to know that you were satisfied with how the cookies turned out =D


Ian's mummy,

I guess it becomes a real challenge when the kids arrive cos the focus turns to the kids instead and you find that you have less time for each other. so it is important to make an effort to still "date" each other like you used to, without the kids. haha..To rekindle that feeling =p If not, you'd find each other drifting apart and the only connection you have with each other, are the kids.

I hope i have a restful CNY too! but somehow, festive holidays always seem to be packed with activities lehh..=X

mysweetkitchen said...

These are so sweet. How I wish I had these as my wedding favours :)

youfei said...

Hi mysweetkitchen,

Thanks for the compliments! I guess wedding favours weren't as trendy in the past and most relied on the good 'ol "xi bing". =p

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