Friday, January 1, 2010

A daughter's love for her mum and brother..

This is a real back-dated post. I had done up this cake on 5th December 2009 and now, in a blunk of an eye, it's already 2010.

What could a pink and blue cake possibly signify? Either a brother-sister cake or a boyfriend-girlfriend cake?

Well, a church mate, P, approached me to ask if I could bake a birthday cake for her mum and brother. And that they both shared the same birthday! Hmm could you imgaine giving birth on your own birthday? I wonder how that felt..=p

I agreed almost immediately and regretted as the days drew near. (as always) But this time it was worse! You know, it really is harder when specifications to the cake design are not spelt out, and things were made complicated when the same cake was intended for 2 people. not brother-sister, not boyfriend-girlfriend but mother and son.

How on earth do you decorate a cake meant for a mother and her son?! I was almost desperate and it seems the design could only lean towards either party, meaning, either a real feminine cake OR a boyish cake. But that's not the way it should be!

I frantically searched all over and recalled CherylShuen designing a cake meant for a twin. A boy and girl twin. There I have it, separate the cake! Time was running and I only had in mind for simple designs and this was the best I could have come up with. And someone, working on inspiration is wayy faster than you think. I torted, filled, crumbcoated, covered and decorated the cake all in 1 hour. I was almost amazed at myself. Of course that didnt include cleaning up haha!

I wasn't at home on the day of delivery so I had to trouble my sister again, to do it for me. I was really really glad that the cake was well-received when P's mother got "jealous" over the cake as everyone started snapping photos of the cake and kinda "ignored" the birthday stars. hahahah!

Whatever it was, the greatest reward is not having a beautiful, flawless cake, but rather, the reward lies in the appreciation of your hard work, no matter good or bad, pretty or ugly.



tracieMoo said...

Happy New Year to you too! It's my first time here and I'm still exploring your blog! I love the look of it already! Your so good in decorating :))

Dodol & Mochi said...

Youfei, the cake looks really good! I'm impressed at your efficiency & creativity! LOL!


quizzine said...

I like the idea and the colour-combi!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

wowwwww... the cake looks stunning !!! you are so creative :D

Happy New Year !

youfei said...

Hi Everyone!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks for all your wonderful comments. =)

Thank you so much for dropping by and do keep checking back cos I hope to "up" the quality of my blog this 2010..hehe!

Thanks for the compliments as always. I guess working on inspiration kinda gets you going, hence the "efficiency" HAHA!

Thanks for liking the idea. It's really comforting to know the aim of the design is met =p I was pretty surprised and pleased with myself ater having finished decorating the cake =p It's not THAT difficult actually. =)

Beansprout's cafe:
Hi! Thanks for dropping by! I popped by your blog and WOW! I really wish I could go to LCB as well..That's kinda like my dream =p So, getting praised by a pastry chef says sth huh..muahahaha..Thanks a million!!!

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