Sunday, January 10, 2010

mini treats

Some two to three weeks back, I received an SMS from a uni classmate to bake some stuff for a taste-test session. My friend got to know someone who works for an organisation which intends to start a nice chill-out cafe. They're looking for home-bakers who could possibly in the future, use their kitchen facilities and supply yummy home-baked treats to the public. I said YES! immediately.

I had not much idea what the concept really was and so, I decided to and was tasked to start with something small and simple and that'd be muffins. Muffins are extremely easy and versatile and the combinations are endless once you've found a real good base recipe.

Since it was going to be a taste-test session, I made them mini, so the testers could taste it whole, without feeling really bloated, not forgetting that there are other items to be tasted as well.

 I had previously had an order for some cookies and cheesecakes. So, I took the opportunity to bring some of the cheesecakes for the taste-test session as well. Too bad, no pictures of the cheesecake as I was in a hurry to leave before any photographs could be taken. I baked the cheesecakes in cupcakes cases which:

1. Is small and easy to eat, hence people might be more receptive to buying it off to just satisfy a craving
2. It takes ALOT less time to bake as compared to a whole cake which means you can whip up many many more batches as compared to baking whole cakes.

Well, I have no business experience and I can safely say I'm a total noob at such marketing and branding stuff..but those were my two points  two cents worth of opinion..

Nonetheless, my sister's boyfriend managed some really good pictures which were taken right outside my house at the small mini garden. Muffins are traditionally breakfast foods, so what better way than to photograph it in a garden accompanied with some milk? Sounds like a really nice and relaxing way to start a fresh,crisp morning.

The verdict? The boss liked it because of the nice, permeating buttery fragrance! I recalled trying this recipe sometime back with canned blueberries. My sister complained of the lack of blueberry flavour. So this time, I experimented with using blueberry pie filling and I think I'm almost there. Probably a little blueberry jam would do the trick? The chocolate chip was as usual, as always, a hit. Everyone loves chocolate, don't they? But of course, as with everything else, there are always exceptions.

In any case, I'm geared for more taste-testing sessions of what might sell in a nice chill-out cafe..and of course, I need to find my signature pastry. I've been thrown this question more than 3 times now "What's your signature bake?" and all I could revert was a jaw-dropping, blank face. I think it's high time I perfected and created something unique to ME.

Wish me luck.


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi You Fei,
I'm so happy for you! Opportunities only knock once! Make full use of this opportunity and I'm sure we'll see your bakes all over soon! I wish you all the best! This sure is a truly good start to a new year for you! :))

youfei said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the encouragement! Well, I'm not expecting much, I'm just taking a step at a time, doing what I can manage.. =)

Whether or not a success, I'd be glad because I gave it a try.

Blessed Homemaker said...

First time to your blog and I'm glad I visited you :)

Ian's mummy said...

Isn't this what we chatted about this afternoon? Seems like things are going your way. :-)

Dodol & Mochi said...

Dear Youfei,

Hey, there! These petit muffins look scrumptious!! I've got a feeling you're destined for a career in the pastry world! Believe me! Hope our shared LCB dream will come to life someday. Happy venturing! And keep it up!


youfei said...

Hi Blessed Homemaker,

Thanks for your compliments! I visited you blog and you're really good too! =)

Ian's mummy,

Well, there are still many things to consider, not an easy step to take. I lack that entreuprenal spirit. ahahaha

Hey Pei-Lin!

Thanks so so so much, you really flatter me you know..Im quite sure there are MANY others out there who are much more passionate and better than I am, so, still a long way to go!! Nonetheless, thanks for your encouragement and yes, may our LCB dreams come true =p

tracieMoo said...

The muffin looks great! you've definitely got great photography skills!

Dodol & Mochi said...

Dear Youfei,

I've passed an award on to you. Please hop over to my blog to get it.


youfei said...

Hi tracieMoo,

Thanks! unfortunately, the photos werent taken by me =p..My sister bf's got a knack for photography..and he was the man behind the shot hehe!

Hey Pei-Lin,

Thanks for the award! =DDD

tracieMoo said...

Hi! I've passed you an award. Do feel free to pick it up from my blog :)

Aimei said...

Hey wish you luck! I'm sure you'll succeed! ;)

The Corner Girl said...

This is what most cooking blogs are missing- interesting photography and some different angles to make things interesting and not mundane after countless recipes. Keep up the creative cooking! ^^

youfei said...

Hi tracieMoo,

thanks for the award! =D really appreciate it =p

Hi Aimei,

Thanks for your well-wishes! I hope something good comes out of it hehe!

Hi Corner Girl,

Many thanks for your flattering compliments! You made my day haha! I like how you're honest in your blog =)

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