Monday, December 8, 2008


stacked macarons
This is my third attempt at macarons using the italian meringue method. The previous 2 were a flop! but the second attempt was better than the first of course..

1st attempt (added liquid purple colouring):
-the batter spread quite abit
-and i knew almost immediately that batter was highly overmixed (based on my attemps using the french meringue method
-and WAS a flop..cracking and failing to dry even after an HOUR
-NO FEET! =((
2nd attempt (added liquid pink colouring):
-batter didn't spread out as much as the first time
-STILL overmixed..the batter took a LONG time to dry out. I had a few trays and deliberately left one tray to dry for A FEW HOURS!
-although that tray was finally dry, it still cracked
-this time, it struggled to form feet, but those cute tiny feet disappeared towards the end of baking *sad*
-nvm! i'm one step closer
in the oven with feet that disappeared after it was taken out

I started wondering if the liquid colouring was the culprit as i have read elsewhere to use powdered food colouring and not liquid. I verified my fears when i came across a blog stating that liquid colouring changes the structure/texture/whatever of the batter.
So, as much as i struggled through wanting to make pink/purple (pretty coloured) macarons, i decided finally to go ahead with the original,plain ones. following the recipe to the T.

3rd attempt:
-i purposely folded less
-the first tray turned out kinda "underfolded" they had peaks which wouldnt settle
-the subsequent trays were better
-they formed feet! yay!
-BUT, they were tiny and uneven i.e. kinda lopsided

right side up with a small tiny peak which didn't settle back completely

filling it up with chocolate ganache
playing with different piped shapes

more importantly, they didn't have the air pockets that appeared in those done with the french meringue method. though, the french meringue method had much much higher feet.

french meringue method with much higher feet


Simonne said...

Can share recipe for this macaroon ?
Pls pls

youfei said...

Hi Simonne,

I'm really sorry but I cant as this recipe was taken from a class I attended. It wouldn't be fair to other students who paid.

However, you can always look up tartelett's macaron recipes. They're really great and they work the same =D

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