Saturday, December 6, 2008


My very first baking attempt was back in primary school (p6 to be exact) when I decided to try baking some cookies for a fund raising fun fair. I have since baked a little here and there along the way. It wasn't until after my jc days that I started baking more and more frequently and found myself "obsessed". I also found it a pity that I don't note/record down my various baking attempts. Therefore, have been toying with the idea of setting up this blog for a longgggg time.

It was with my deliberation and hesitation that I finally decided to set up this blog. For one sole purpose - to keep a diary of my bakes. They may not be fantastic, may not be the yummiest pastries in the universe, but they reflect how much joy I had in baking each and every one of them.

I have picked up many skills and gain much baking knowledge via the internet. I was always elated to have found websites and blogs giving detailed instructions of recipes and baking techniques. For so long, I've been relying on these information to improve on my baking skills and wouldn't have dared venture out into baking without these websites/people.

I hope through this little online journal, I am able to pen down memories of my baking journey and that I may look back one day and see how much I have learnt and also to remind myself not to repeat certain mistakes.

To anyone out there who happen to chance upon this blog, enjoy!
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