Monday, November 2, 2009

my first official food review...

I've never really thought if I'm a serious foodie or some sort. As a Singaporean, I'm sure many of you would agree we ALL love food. Being born in a place with plentiful of different types of food, it's hard to watch your waistline, especially so when the exercise rate goes downhill while your age reaches for the sky.

Enough of depressing weight issues. Life is short, so enjoy while you can. haha! After making Royston's chocolate birthday cake, I was kinda dying for some real good chocolatey cake. I vaguely remember having some real, darn good chocolate cake from Jane's Cake Station, located in the ulu part of Singapore, deep down at Jalan Kayu.

I was really determined to try it again since it was years, probably almost 10 years, since I had the chocolate fudge cake from Jane's. I somehow recalled having a fantastic durian cake from Jane's as well. It was one of the FIRST durian desserts I conquered that led me to accepting durian in desserts. (recall: I started hating durian at some part of my life)

So, with high hopes, I drove down specially at 11+ am just to make sure I get my slice of cake.

ta-da! Yummilicious - looking cake. The cake defintiely looked chocolately and fudgy. But the smell wasn't appealing. One sniff and I could tell it wasn't a good quality chocolate. I started doubting my memory. It was either "memories always tasted better" or my taste buds got sharper after all that baking.

Nonetheless, the chocolate cake was okay, but really, not fantastic at all. If given a choice, I wouldn't go back there anymore for the chocolate cake. But! the cake has it's merits. The cake itself was really light and fluffy and stayed soft and moist after 5 days in the fridge. The fudge on the other hand, seemed lacking. Of what, I am not sure. It was not like what I expected a dense creamy fudge. But rather, a more jelly-like kind of topping. It was horrible, but just fell short of what I expect.

So, I thought, surely the durian won't disappoint! didn't exactly, but surely it still didn't taste as good as it used to be. I am also pretty sure durian essence was used in the cake layer. Why so? I bought a durian essence, wanting to use for mooncakes, but I couldn't accept the fact the essence was really really really too fake. and yucky. The smell is SO strong, it lingered in the room for at least a day. As such, the smell is engraved in my head.

The cake comprised of one THICK layer of durian cream encased in two thin layers of durian sponge (which was, "as light as air" - quoted by my Dad). The durian cream was not chunky durian, but smooth and creamy it was with tiny durian fibres. the durian taste good.

And as D put it, as long as the durian used is good, how bad can a durin cake taste? There! you have it. The durian cake IS good, but not THAT good that will warrant me a special trip down to the ulu jalan kayu just for a slice of durian cream cake.

Jane's Cake Station
265 Jalan Kayu S799493
Call 6481 1322

Mon-Sat 12pm-6.00pm,
Sun & Public Holidays 12pm-4pm
Closed on Wednesday

8-inch Chocolate Fudge Cake : $30.00
8-inch Durian Cream Cake : $38.00
*Other sizes available. 8-inch is the smallest*


Dodol & Mochi said...

Hey buddy!!

I'd never imagine you becoming a food reviewer LOL!! Kudos to you! (I prefer homecooked/-baked stuff.)

(Forget about my Flickr comments, they were left before I noticed your blog update.)

Oh well! I think you should immediately unmold the cake once it's taken out of the oven. The reason being the cake shrinks due to the sudden drastic change in temperature.

Wonder if this will help?? Cheers, talk to you soon!! =)

youfei said...

Hey Pei-Lin,

pardon me for not yet replying your email. was pretty busy with an order =p

By the way, I'm not intending to be a food reviewer lahh..Just that I felt it was worth "cautioning" people. It's really just my two cents worth. hehe..

Hmm, will it continue to shrink even after I turn it out? Is it ok for me to let it cool in the pan for 5-10 min? Or is that too long? it's...weird..

maisy said...

omg its been yearrss too since i last ate that when my aunt was raving about how others highly recommend it. i rmbered clearly how it tastes... just like u described. tasteless, no body, jelly-like fudge but it amazingly kept moist even after several days. heh
youfei i dont want no jane's cake i want YOURS! :)

Dodol & Mochi said...

Wah ... I'm so looking forward to durian season when every street and corner smells like durian LOL!!


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