Saturday, November 7, 2009

a chanel handbag...

...cake. Yea, if only I owned a real Chanel handbag. haha!

This was a pretty last minute order and I could have very well rejected it. But since I figured I'd probably won't have the chance to do something like that once I've started work, so I took it up!

It's been a while since I made a handbag cake. The last was....hmmm...during class. Bahhh...But I'm really glad I managed to put what I've learnt to use. I explored with using a different handbag strap this time, but hmm..not too good a result. I tried making a real zipper but my hastiness got the better of me and the zipper was too ugly. I refused to put it on. Besides, the real bag didn't have a zipper!

Karen requested for the bag to be pink because black seems a little dull for a birthday. What a thoughtful friend Karen is. She chose this Chanel bag as this was something they all eyed just some days ago. What better idea to present her a birthday cake in the shape of her dream bag =p

While I had alot of fun decorating this cake, I hope Karen, the birthday girl and their friends had a fun time together!

Happy Hatchday!!


Dodol & Mochi said...

Dear Youfei,

I've just passed an award on to you. Feel free to come and pick it up over on my blog if you'd like to:

But, it's 30 minutes to 3 a.m. ... I think I'll keep myself posted tomorrow ... Very sleepy now hahaha ...


Passionate About Baking said...

One word to describe - BEAUTIFUL!

youfei said...

Hey Pei-Lin,

thanks so much for the awards! =DD Do catch up on sleep during the weekends!!

Hi Jane,

Thanks! I hope the birthday girl liked it =D

Anna Chan said...

nice handles!

youfei said...

Thanks Anna! I was really just trying to make as close to as the picture of the real bag =p

But, I thought I could have fared better =p

Anna Chan said...

no you did great!

Dodol & Mochi said...

Oh, so it was Dennis's idea? Ah well, if only I can do fondant decorating just like you do ... ZzZz ...

Nah ... I failed to catch up on sleep this past weekend ... One colleague thought I look like goldfish today LOL!!


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