Sunday, September 27, 2009

a new job, new plans and a break

Nope. No pictures today.

Haven't been really updating this blog as frequently as I would like to, but I've been pretty busy with the mooncake orders. Orders are now officially closed and big thanks to everyone who ordered from me.

While the blog entries have stopped for a while, things have in fact been busy busy and pretty "hectic". Though busy and tired, I really find joy in doing what I do. I am also really glad that my passion in baking is taking me to a whole new level. Though exciting, and being something I could never dream of, it encompasses a whole new dimension in my perception of baking. I am taking on a new role, with new responsibilities and with a different approach. Sounds like a riddle? All will be revealed in due course =p So stay tuned...

Another thing worth mentioning is that, yes! I finally got a job. After months of procrastination, thinking and baking, I finally found myself a job. Things would get busy and I am expecting to bake lesser and lesser. Well, at the same time, I have been toying with the idea of going on a hiatus. The job came at a right time, giving me more reason to take a break from blogging. But but! I will be back! Soon, I hope =p

With a job and more new responsibilities, I thought I'd take a break from blogging to sort things out. Certain things that have happened made me a little weary of others and disappointed too. Seeing blatant "plagarism" of people's photos and recipes made me wonder whatever happened to "integrity".

okay okay, before I get all too philosophical and trying to act cheem, I just want to thank everyone who has been reading my blog, whoever you are, whether or not you are existing. I hope my blog has been of some help to you or anyone and it's my regret for not being able to post up more recipes. I'd work at that in time to come when I have settled down more, and get used to being busy with work.

Thank you for all your order enquiries, I will still be taking orders but my schedule will be more tight and less flexible. So if you are keen or interested, do e-mail and let me know early. I will try my best to meet them =)

Thanks! and see you soon!


Pei-Lin said...


CONGRATS to you!! Finally found a job!

I've noticed the same thing, too! Less time to bake, cook and blog about them ... not to mention styling and snapping pics of them!

Well, I hope I can hear from you soon. Don't overstress yourself yea? Take care!


Anna Chan said...

your blog is so nice to read , so please don't go on too long a hiatus..!! =)

Ian's mummy said...

Heh! Congrats on your new job. And really thanks for accepting the cookies order despite your busy schedule with the mooncake orders!

youfei said...

Hey Pei-Lin,

Thanks! I don't think I'd stop baking, but I think there would be less photos haha! I have always been lazy to photograph them.. =p

You take care too yea?

Hey Anna,

Thanks alot for the really really sweet comment! It's nice to know someone enjoys reading what I type =DDD I will be back soon, when I get the hang of everything else =)

Hey Ian's mummy,

Don't mention it! I am only glad the kids liked it and it was yummy (or so geng han said it was)Hope you liked the mooncakes too!

D said...

Come back soon! =(

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi You Fei, all the best in your new job, how time flies, it was like yesterday when you first left a comment on my blog ;) Knowing your passion for baking, I am sure you can juggle between your work and your hobby, cheers!

Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Youfei,
Congrats for getting yourself a job now! After so many months, it's still worth the wait ya?
Don't disappear for too long. Nevermind about the pictures, mostly importantly, update your blog! ;) Hope to see your post often.
All the best in your new job!

youfei said...


don't be lame..I talk to you everyday..Zzz


Really nice to hear from you again! And indeed! Time flies, before you know it, your boys would have also grown up! =) Thank you very much for the encouragement! I hope I can do it, and do it well!!

Hi Jane,

Thanks for your well wishes. Well, it was a good break and I'm still yearning for more actually. It helped me sort out my wants and needs so..yep! I hope I will enjoy it!

Philia said...

hey fiona

u can do it de, cos u are sooo capable in doing things =)
hope we can still meet up for some baking session, really love the time with u and anna =p

youfei said...

Hey Philia,

Many many thanks for the heart-warming comments! I'm sure I can try to take time out to attend those baking sessions together! It's work but fun and play at the same time! (Just like how Anna puts it) =pp

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