Saturday, September 12, 2009

cupcake order!

Got this pretty last-minute order and was really glad I was able to pull it off. I'm thankful for people I've "known" through flickr and that I'd been able to draw many many many inspirations from their works.
The lady who ordered from me asked for a simple birthday cupcakes for her best friends =) So sweet! She added she quite like ribbons and piggies too. Immediately, ccyhan's piggies cupcake photos popped into mind and I showed her the link of those cuppies. She liked them and so, I replicated them. Though probably not as nice and pretty as ccyhan's, but I thought it was passable =p
Thank God my younger sister was home and she was helping me with some of the moulding and cutting out fondant flowers happily haha!
Pretty obviously, these cupcakes were "From Leander". Really want to thank Anna for loaning me those cookie letter press and I put them to good use on these fondant! yay!!
Leander orded 12 cupcakes and so with the Blogshop Promotion, she got 3 flavours! Yummy Oreo, Nutty Nutella and Zesty Orange =) The Yummy Oreo and Nutty Nutella were frosted with Swiss Meringue Latte Buttercream while the Zesty Orange ones went with cream cheese frosting. yum!
I had some extra cupcakes from baking and well, my brother is having is CCA's sec 4 farewell party tomorrow and he had trouble thinking of what to give his juniors. haha! So, these extra cupcakes came in handy and i just frosted them all with sinful, rich chocolate ganache =DD [p.s: I got them from the pretty floral cupcake class (as there were extras hehe!)]
A close-up on the piggies! I made 4 of them each with their own "activity" and "character". I quite like how things turned out =p
Leander requested last minute for one cupcake to be decorated with another friend's name "Don" as he was also celebrated his birthday. She mentioned that she wasn't sure if he'd turn up and if one of it was with his name she could pass it to him the next day. So, to accomodate for the uncertainty, I made one cupcake with "happy bday don" so it'd seem "whole" to be given individually =) I made a rabbit to go along as Leander said that he's born in the year of rabbit! A pity that the rabbit couldn't really be seen =(
I had fun overall and was really really glad to pull off yet another order. phew! The night was spent viewing the Dead Sea Scrolls at the art house. hehe..pretty interesting facts and amazing truths =D


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Youfei,
Congratulations on your new online shop! I'm so happy for you. You've finally achieved what you wanted to do for a long time. This is really a good opportunity. I understand you're coming "on board" too! Good for you! ;)

youfei said...

Hi Jane,

Yep yep! I do hope things will pick up slowly and move in the right direction haha!

and yes! I'm coming "on board" too! Still alot to learn from you yea? =p

Anna Chan said...

Hi Fiona,
I'm very happy to have you join us! Your work is beautiful and you are so naturally creative. I only wish I was half as creative as you!

maisy said...

youfei! so ditching the labcoat for the oven aye! all the best in your new project and i hope to see ya realll soon! :)))
btw i wanted to comment on the buckaroo outing or smthg abt weewee being lamppost -_- but it was d's fb photos hence the inability to spam his album :((((

youfei said...

Hey Anna,

I'm sure you are as creative as me! Well at least, I love how you compose your shots! Simple yet beautiful. I found myself staring at your photos sometimes hehe!!

Hey babe!

How are you? Missed you!! I hope I can ditch it successfully!! bahh..

Hmm how come can't spam his album? Just whack! =pp see you soon yea? I hope, really!!

Olivia said...

gorgeous cupcakes.. btw how much do you charge for 1 cupcake? Thot of ordering for my nephew's birthday party.

youfei said...

Hi Olivia,

I have sent you a reply through e-mail =)

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