Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting to know Bob

I've been waiting to share the biggest ever cake project of my life and here it is, finally. Completed and delivered. I'm praying hard nothing went wrong with the cake and the kids would love it.
It all started out when Ian's mummy very very very kindly referred me to a wonderful nice mother, Judy. Judy was looking for someone who takes cake orders. And like all lovely mothers out there, she wanted a very nice, memorable birthday for her son, Wen Bin. So, plucking up my courage, I took her order. It was indeed a great learning experience for me, and lucky for me, Judy was very clear with what she wanted the cake to be and all the specifics she provided helped me along with decorating the cake easily.
More imporatantly, I'm super grateful to her for trusting me with this huge order. It was fun, tiring and frustrating as well, hand moulding these figurines. And fo course, many people helped along the way. Like D, who helped along with the moulding (he moulded 95% of the red one - "muck") and of course my brother, who, by the way is in the mids of his 'O' levels prelims =X (I'm sorry mum!) He was earnest in giving his opinions and helped me along with touching up the tiny details. Thanks bro!
I'm sorry to everyone whom, if i had lost my temper along the way with preparations of this cake. As mentioned of course, it's my maiden attempt at moulding with fondant so i had to have practices and practices and MORE practices. even with that, accidents still do happen when you're into the real deal. Something I learnt about moulding. "you can mould the same thing 1001 times over and probably come out with slightly different variations of it every single time." That's how unpredictable it is. (or maybe it's just that i'm a novice and, *ah hem* not very doing very well in it)



for deco

Last but not least, I really want to thank God for giving such an opportunity and gift. Once again, I experienced how real He is. The story goes...

The fondant figurines were left to dry in an air-conditioned room overnight (I was afraid Bob couldn't stand right up =X) Things dried up a little and boy was I excited. 1st miracle: NO ants. =D

I was super tired last night and fell asleep while saying my prayers before going to bed. Really worried about the cake as well. It's my first time covered such a huge cake. It measured 12" x 9" on a 16" cake board. and Judy requested the board to be covered in fondant as well. *sweat*

Thinking back on my "experiment" attempt to see how things would work out. (i experimented on a 6" x 9" cake) and it was quite a bit of a disaster and i thought the experience would help me a little better when the real thing came. NO. it did not.

Happily, I rolled out the fondant and got worried as it didn't seem like there was enough to cover the cake AND the cake board. starting to panick. time ticked by..the collection was 1.30pm at the Searangoon MRT. by 12.45pm, I was still rolling out the fondant and figuring out should I cover the cake. =XXX No choice, gotta roll it thinner to make it bigger. yikes! would it tear and crack and give way while i "drape" it over the cake? HOW? I was suffering from a mild panick attack. I was taught at Anna's classes to roll up the fondant with the rolling pin and unroll it over the cake. Easy I thought. but no! the fondant was rolled out so BIG, the rolling pin wasn't big/long enough at all! It was thin AND heavy. I was practically screaming "help!" in my head. My brother re-assured me that things can AND would work and I gathered myself, said a small prayer and rolled it. a quick glance at the clock. 1.00pm. Ahhhh~

Somehow, we did it. BUT with a bald patch on one corner of the cake board. how?! ( i managed to mend that at the end =p) So anyway, my mum was using the car, so i had to get my own transport to the MRT. I had a good mind to get a cab to zoom to the MRT. Just friend who was going to go out with my sister soon came (who, btw, DRIVES). I begged for a ride to the MRT and he gladly obliged. Phew! they too helped in the final touches of the cake and with their help I finished the cake. YAY!

A quick check on my HP and i realised Judy's hubby who was supposed to collect the cake said he'd be 15 min late! double YAY! I had time to mend the cake, get changed and compose myself. but, NO! i couldn't find a plastic bag big enough for the cake and no way was I going to let her hubby carry the cake box in his hand.

I offered them a free delivery and hence, managed to get it delivered on time. =) I'm still waiting for her comments and photos. Hopefully everything turned out great. The weather's been humid and I'm sure the fondant is sweating =X I just hope nothing on the cake falls off or something. *cross fingers*

-the finished piece-

I'm sorry that you had to bear with me for the long-winded story and thanks for reading it. (well, that is if you DID read it) haha~ I really hope Wen Bin loves the cake. I'm pretty satisfied with it, despite the nerve-wrecking hiccups along the way.



Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hey Youfei,
Very pro-looking cake! Double thumbs up. ;) Very nicely mould, and neat presentation. :) I am sure Wen Bin will love it.

youfei said...

Hi Honey Bee Sweets,

Thanks for your compliments! and thanks for the assurance it looks nice =DD

I really hope he does!

Anna Chan said...

You did a perfect job on this. It really looks very professional. Congratulations Fiona, i'm sure you'll have lots of orders pouring in after people see this beauty! =)

Edna said...

Hey You Fei

This is your 1st attempt? Wow!! It looks really nice! I hope I can accomplish this one day as well. =)

So looking forward to Anna's class!

youfei said...

Hi Anna,

Thanks! I'm pretty glad with the way how it turned out considering all the "accidents" along the way =p

Hi Edna,

Well, is it my first attempt, if you don't consider the "pratice attempts" hehe. With your passion, I'm sure you can do it too in future =D

Do let me know how the class went! =))

Ophilia.Treats said...

hey fiona

tis is really beautiful!!! Im sure the bday boy wld like it =)

youfei said...

Hi Philia!

Thanks! =D

Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Fiona,
Wow!! This is just so beautiful! I don't think I can make it! You're getting really pro now! Congratulations on your 1st big order! More orders coming right up! :)

youfei said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the compliments! flatter me..I'm very very sure you can do it too. All you need is patience and time. You can't imagine the amount of time spend on each figurine. At some point it becomes rather frustrating. But when everything comes together, you'd feel it's well-worth it. =)

Ian's mummy said...

Heh! The cake looks great! Well done! Hope more orders come in after this.:-)

youfei said...

hey! thanks for your recommendation. Den I have the chance to do this cake =)) I hope more orders come in too..=)

D said...

i love MUCK.. =P

maisy said...

woommaannn.. dont need to study dont need to get a desk bound job already. just go bake k :) i'm waiting to be fattened up when i head back next yr!
btw heart's reaaalllllyyyyy heavy to go back. fingers crossed i'll get a job and as nerdy as i may sound, i think i wanna do tax law!

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hey youfei,
Just send you the Kreativ Blogger Award. Go check out my blog for more details. ;)

bakingoncloud9 said...

This looks like a perfect bob cake! How i wish i can do something like this for my boy's next birthday ;-)

youfei said...

Hey maisy!!

Haha! As much as I would like, I don't think my house and my stamina can host constant cake orders. haha~ Plus, I still have a long way to go in perfecting my skill. I'm just glad the lady is really forgiving with my mediocore tasting/looking product. bahh..I can't wait for you to be back to be my guinea pig. muahahaha!

Hey HBS,

thanks for the award! Really appreciate it! =))

Hi bakingoncloud9,

Thanks fo the compliments! I'm pretty sure you can do it! Moulded fondant is as easy as playing with play-doh! =p Do give it a shot yea? Waiting to see your master piece. =p

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