Tuesday, June 30, 2009

double chocolate chip chiffon cake

Pardon me for the lack of posts recently. I've been baking, still, but not as much, not as often. Somehow getting real lazy after my holiday trip. Plus I've been doing certain experiments along the way, which I figured wouldn't be appropriate to be posted up here online.

I nearly gave up on this post as well when the cake slipped right out of the pan not long after I overturned it. For some reason, I decided to go ahead and take photos after realised how tall the cake had been. I'm pretty sure it slipped out due to underbaking. Plus, it shrank a little on the sides. A quick check on Rei's Chiffon "handbook" left me concluding that the egg whites were probably a little over-beaten.

Furthermore, I probably did not do a good job mixing and all the chocolate chips ended up at the bottom (now, after overturning, becomes the top)

Nonetheless, the texture was great except for the not so nice appearance. Itching to try out this recipe? follow me here!


Ian's mummy said...

Does it taste good? :-)

youfei said...

not too bad. =) the cake is soft but a little bitter. Perhaps not enough sugar.

you can ask BJ for second opinion =p I gave him a few pieces. hehe

Anna said...

the crumb looks very even and nice... =)

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