Monday, April 6, 2009

more bread!

Speaking of pork floss buns, what do I usually associate it too..hmm..yes, you guessed it, breadtalk. Well, pork floss isn't my no.1 favourtite/comfort food. (I think i'm a little odd right, keep baking stuff i don't like to eat) I used to LOVE pork floss when I was a kid..especially when it is sandwiched between 2 bread that's been spread with a thick slab of butter. The combination is..mmm..heavenly..I think i must have had too much of it too often, that somehow, i grew to dislike it instead.

I guess, now I'm slowly trying to re-kindle my love for it haha! Especially since I made these buns. To be honest, I havent tried a single pork floss bun from breadtalk nor from any bakery at all. So, I asked my siblings about it, about how it tastes etc. They all mentioned this mysterious custart like, not really butter, not really mayo, dunno-what-is-it thing. Just then, I recalled coming across this blog which mentioned about the "transparent mayonaise" breadtalk uses. tada! that must be it..

I jumped at the recipe and made it. It looked transparent to me, and looked like those they used to "stick" the pork floss. (I'm sure you've observed those breadtalk people making them) sister said, "why so sweet ah?" sigh..

Just then, I had one bun which i had mistakenly wrapped in butter instead of the transparent mayo.. and that one, my sister nodded her head in agreement while she gobbled the bread. (ok..maybe she was hungry) So it struck me that, why bother making the transparent mayo? Just fall back on the heavenly match between butter and pork floss. One try of that bun with a mistake brought back some childhood memories..and I THINK i might just have began falling in love with pork floss again =p

I made these buns with the sponge and dough method again but this time, it didn't feel as successful as the other time. The songe portion felt like it overproofed as I could smell hints of alcohol. I went ahead as I have already prepared the ingriedients for the dough portion. To my surprise, while interviewing my sis abt the bread, she mentioned that this time, the "bread taste" was heart skipped a beat, though I was puzzled as to why (since the dough kinda overproofed) It still remains as a mystery as of now but I'm glad with how it turned out =p
These are really good out of the oven, really soft. And goes really well with a nice hot cup of coffee/tea/milo/etc This time, no bread improver was used but the texture was still really really good..=D


maisy said...

suddenly thought about you and decided to check you out on facebook. lo and behold you actually FREAKING STARTED A BAKING BLOG WOMANN!! :D
great pics and goodies!!!!
missing you heapppsss from down under :)

Ian's mummy said...

Heh! Pork floss bread. Ian's favourite!

youfei said...


hahah well, it's really nth much la, that's why i didn't really tell you abt it either. =p Just to try to keep a diary of what i've bake so that i can at least rmb i've made all those stuff! you shld keep one too! and i'm sure the goodies you make are TONS better. I've been wanting to ask you for your roast pork recipe man..=pp

missing you loads too!


Ian's mummy,

hahha actually, i think just use normal sunshine loaf, spread with butter and dump a heap of prok floss also the same lah. Just makes you feel happier looking the this kinda presentation =p


maisy said...

i make food randomly cos i'm greedy and i wanna eat; lazy and bored from doing my readings; or cos they look great on pics and i wanna try my hands on them. like you said, most of the time you make those stuff not cos you really fancy them, then you distribute them around to share the fats because your waistline is at stake :<

youfei said...

hahaha..yes! it's the pictures that make you soo wanna try them..and i find myself staring at the same pics for like 15 mininutes, scrutinizing at every detail. But, i'm a photography noob la seriously..

I think i'm already busting my waistline limit but yet i'm sooooo lazy to go for a run/swim/jog wateva! haha..

I secretly hope you'd come back here to work! hehe but den again, it's really up to God to decide right? =p keep your recipes man! and they'll be you're secret manual for the future generations..muahahaha


maisy said...

don't need to secretly hope, cos i wanna :) then again like u said, it's really up to God to decide yeah. after 6 yrs here, u start to question what u really want in life. heh

on a lighter note, i showed my mom ur blog (she's here for 3 mths btw) and she said YOUFEI SHOULD START HER BAKERY! :D she's already copied ur ang ku kueh recipe and wants to try it here soon, while i'm slaving away writing policy essays over easter. zZzZzZz

anddd, what photography noob lah! i nvr even keep track of the things i make. in goes into the stomach... NEXT! the pics r great okay. whoah got lighting and angles and presentation one okayy :) KEEP POSTING and keep me updated with ur baking spree!

youfei said...

you really want? cool~~ haha..i guess for everyone of about our age are starting to question themselves..isn't it? haha

haha your mum thinks too highly of me man!! btw..i got your siew yoke recipe and will definitely definitely try it out sometime..*slurps*

i'm really lazy i jus take the simplest photos possible haha =p

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