Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stunning 2-tier cakes...

If you're wondering whether work have been keeping me really busy, then you're wrong. In fact, I haven't started =( I really want to come back to blogging, but the break is so comfortable. Especially when you don't have to compose shots, edit and write a story. =p

Nonetheless, I'm happy to say that I'm coming back soon! Probably with less frequent updates, but, you'd still be hearing from me =))

So anyway, sometime back, Philia and I met up with Anna and we had a great time coming up with new ideas for the "Stunning 2-tier cake" class. I always look forward to group baking/decorating sessions hehe! And many thanks to D for always bringing my masterpieces  to work. =p Thank God for that or imagine the extra calories on me. yikes!

The one above is Philia's handiwork and don't you think black and white simple says "timeless"? It's such a simple yet absolutely beautiful combination. Classy and elegant. Nice. The ruffles may seem daunting, but you'll find out how easy it is to put it together. Randomness is the key. If you're a perfectionist, or a mathematician in the making, you'd probably have to lock your symmetrical side away while you venture into art and decoration. ha~

Next up! We have Anna's beautiful beautiful design. This is something I've ALWAYS dreamt of trying out. Cherry Blossom. Don't they just reflect serene romantism (If there's such a term), complete with an asian-touch?

Once again, don't be put off by this seemingly elaborate design, it's far more simpler than you think it is. Look at the stumpy, fat branches. Guess what? They're piped melted chocolate. Chocolate is such a brilliant substitutute. Its yummy, easy to pipe and the branches will be done in no time. As for how to pipe them nicely, I couldn't stress enough, randomness brings out the beauty in it. 

I guess that's probably why I love decorating. No rights and wrongs, just go..with the flow..=pp

And then comes mine!! Well, although I was part dying to try out the romantic cherry blossom design, I was also eager to make a really cute, happy, childish child-like cake. There are a couple of reasons why I wanted to accomplish this.

1. I wanted to let people know that tiered cakes aren't just meant for weddings. They are perfect for birthdays too! In fact, they're really good for children's parties. =D

2. A cake like that looks seemingly more difficult than the cake with flowers with the amount of details, but no! It too can be accomplish in that wonderful 4 hours.

3. More importantly, I want people to know that the skills that they'll learn in this class can be applied to almost any cake design they might ever have. Be it sweet, loud, whimsical, or romantic. Who says wedding cakes are just about flowers and who says birthday cakes are not meant to be as pretty as a wedding cake?

So, I decided on this simple hmm...garden theme. I deliberately had 2 different colours for the 2 tiers so that I could exhibit the contrast and I was pretty happy with the out come. Very happy in fact. Thanks Anna for suggesting to me to make that pot of honey =p It added a really sweet touch to it (pun not intended hehe!)

So, if you're itching to learn how to decorate a cake AND making a tiered cake, why not make an appointment with us at Sugar Inc this coming Sunday (1st November 2009) and let your creative juices flow. From timeless, to romantism to happy and child-like. Take your pick or simply be inspired by the people around you that day itself =)

Hurry now as there are only two seats left for this workshop!

To register, hop on over here!

See you on Sunday!


Kitchen Corner said...

wow!! very beautiful cakes!

Anna Chan said...

Fionaaaaa!!! thank you for adding your super adorable 2-tier cake design to our collection! i think people will find the idea very refreshing. It does look very birthday-ish. When amos saw it, he went nuts and WAAAAAoooowed over it. Any child or child at heart would fall in love with it. I'm so glad you're back to blogging, that i can't stop yakking on your comment page so I think I better stop. haha!!

youfei said...

Hi Grace!

Thanks for your compliments! You make very pretty desserts and cakes too =) I love reading your posts =D

Hi Anna!!!

You're most welcome and please please don't mention it. It is really nice to have a chance to try out something I've always wanted to do, with a good, valid reason. hehe =p I really wanted people to take up the course, not thinking that it is only meant for weddings. People usually DON'T see themselves baking a wedding cake for anyone and are PROBABLY put off by that thought. So, I thought I'd just provide a hmm...different kind of option =ppp i had LOTS of fun doing that and am REALLY glad i chose to do that. hehe!

Yea, I'll be back blogging after quite a few *ahem* requests and also, I wanted to go back to fulfilling what I set out to accomplish with this blog initially =)

quizzine said...

Hi, I'm one of those that always look forward to your interesting posts and pretty cakes & bakes ;-)

youfei said...

Hi quizzine,

Wow! Thanks! =) hehe..I'm flattered.

I too look forward to your posts and goodies you make for your family and friends =D

Oh! and i must say, your fondant bee tutorial looks really good, clear and professional! =)

Philia said...

hey fiona

everyone loves yr design too hehe!! u r really gifted in baking and decorating =)


Ian's mummy said...

I always check out your blog to see if you have new stuff. hee hee... so keep on blogging...

youfei said...

Hi Philia,

Thanks for the compliments! hehe..It's just a really childish side of me =pppp

Hey Ian's mummy,

Nice to know someone is reading my blog =p I'll try to keep going =p

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