Friday, August 28, 2009


Pardon me for the quality of the photos. My mum's gone for a holiday and so has the lucky camera. Hence, this picture was taken with my sister's iphone, which, I unfortunately is such a noob in taking photos with it.

Another order, by a uni classmate, Nick. He asked if I could do a "Keroppi" cake for someone whom he doesn't wish to disclose to me. *heh heh* must be for a girl lah. I obviously agreed right? No insides of the cake for obvious reasons. It's a simple chocolate sponge cake with cookies 'n' cream filling, frosted with non-dairy whipped cream. He requested the picture to be decorated with piping jelly. It was really simple and i loved the effect except for the not so perfect eyes =( I wanted to pipe a shell border, but thought it'd make the cake very "old fashion" looking. So I piped a bead border with the shell method. The tip was a little too huge and my poor piping skills showed. sigh..Nonetheless, I hope nick doesn't mind and the lucky girl would be impressed =p
A close up on the cute cute frog, Keroppi!


Honey Bee Sweets said...

Cute! Did you trace out the picture or use free hand to pipe out the cartoon? Very nice! ;)

youfei said...


Thanks! I think it's pretty cute too..but I guess it's because Keroppi itself looks cute, yea? haha

I traced =p Not that pro/skilled to draw free hand hehe..

I traced it on a plastic sheet and then flipped over to transfer onto the cake. For this picture it didn't matter, but for some picture, you must trace the mirror image so that when you flip it, the picture would turn out the way you want. =)

Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Fiona
Looks like your cake decoration course has been put to good use! :) Your cake looks very pro...

youfei said...

Hi Jane,

yea! I've never used piping gel until I attended the cake deco class. Didn't know it was SO easy to do. haha.. it was timely when my friend asked for a cake and specified the usage of piping gel for decoration. =p

Thanks for the compliments, but really, my frosting needs ALOT of improvment. I can't get it smooth! =(( luckily my friend was forgiving and like the cake. =p

Bakinggal said...

Hey, this is soo cute. =)

Is it possible to share the method to do this with us? =)

youfei said...

Hi Bakinggal,

No problem. I actually explained a little in my previous comment.

Just take any picture of your choice, place a plastic sheet over and trace it with melted chocolate. Allow the chocolate to set and just fill the spaces with coloured piping gel. You could buy piping gel from phoon huat (wilton brand) or sun lik (which sells their own brand).

Feel free to drop me an email if you're still unclear. =)

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