Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm WOW-ed!

Before you think I'm back with more recipes, energised and ready to blog blog blog, well, you're not entirely wrong, but not quite right either. 

I'm WOW-ed and left speechless when I actually made it to attend the food blogger's party that Pei-Lin organised. It was almost like a dream come true, getting to meet this virtual friend whom I've know over the past 2 years. It felt almost unreal when Pei-Lin dropped an email sometime back asking for a meet-up. 

Well, I'm terribly guilty for my inactivity as I listened to the other bloggers chatting away. And I thought to myself, gosh! I've been away for SO long, I seriously have little idea of who and what they were referring to. But that enthusiasm and that same passion for baking, blogging, writing and taking pictures blew me away! I felt ashamed at some point in time for not being able to keep up with my blog which I started out with much passion and drive for. 

When I got home, I immediately started checking each and everyone's blog, to put a face to the blog and I must say, that knowing the face behind the blog skins makes reading that someone's blog feel so different. It's as if you've upped one level. 

Though I have no pictures to boast of, nor goodies I made to contribute my portion, I was blown away by each and everyone's warm and friendliness. Though it was just then that we met, but we chatted with so much in common. 

It was REALLY pleasant meeting everyone there and I'm SO glad I managed to make it there in time to enjoy the company. 

For more pictures, blogposts and a glimpse of who made it there, hop on over to:
 I'm WOW-ed! That I CAN'T wait to write this post! 

A big thanks to everyone whom I met that made this meet-up so lovely!

I'll be back...


Honey Bee Sweets said...

My friend, I guess we missed each other at the party today!! Got to make a move first because my family was waiting for me, else we can catch up a little. Oh well,... let's hope we get to meet up again next time. Take care yah?

youfei said...

Hi Beee Bee!

Yes! I think we missed each other. I was there pretty late and was pleasantly surprised that most of the bloggers were still around!

Yep I'm hoping to meet up with you again too! Till then!

Take care too! =D

Passionate About Baking said...

Hi You Fei,
So glad you could make it! You've only missed Bee Bee and Jess. Else, you've probably met the rest. :)
Hope to see you "around" soon.

Pei-Lin said...

Youfei, glad that you made it to the meet-up! I was SO thrilled to get to see you in person finally! Could you sense that when I saw you? Of course, I wasn't supposed to lose my composure in front of everyone else. Haha!

Hey, please don't lose your passion for baking and blogging! Have I told you you were one of the major influences in my life? You were one of those who guided me thru and brought me into what I'm doing today. Didn't have a blog back then, remember? =)

This is called yuanfen. After over 2 years, we still stay connected! Yay! Hey, stay in touch! Take care till then. Visit me in KL, yea?

Love lots,

Bakericious said...

Hi You Fei, too bad that I need to leave the gathering earlier to send my daughter for her 1st swimming pool that I missed the meeting up with you. Do keep blogging so we can communicate thru this channel and hope we are able to meet up during next gathering. Take care!

Edith said...

Late or not, it doesn't matter. At least you make it. I didn't expect someone that young. Glad that you are back blogging. Don't be dishearted, keep on blogging.

Happy Homebaker said...

I understand how it is like to feel strongly about your passion and love for baking, and yet the reality is, sometimes it is just too hard to be able to find time to even write a short post. I am glad you get to meet your pal Pei Lin at the blogger, what an experience it is to meet someone the first time even though you have been communicating all these years. I knew how 'magical' it is because I experienced it recently when my cyberfriend for the past 3 yrs called me on the phone :)

D said...

yay! =D

Jo said...

I totally agree with you that it was nice to finally meet up with everyone and of course to see you again after this long. I need to find time this week to post up about our meet-up. In the meantime take care and stay in touch.

youfei said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!:

@Jane: Thanks so much for helping me relay the message and being the point of contact! Without you, I'd probably wouldn't have made it there =p And definitely it was nice seeing you again after a while! Still the same old you eh? hehe

@Pei-Lin: YES of course I could sense that excitement! Could you sense mine too? In fact I was so excited, I found myself stumped for words! It was SO exciting and I can't believe it actually REALLY happened!

I'll not give up, maybe slow down, but I hope it wont die off. You're constant perserverance for baking,cooking,photography and writing have been an inspiration to me NOW, to hang in there! hehe!

I will definitely go up north to visit you if I can! =D

@Jess: No worries about having to leave early! Everyone is busy and I only too happy to have caught a glimpse of you! Stay in touch!

@Edith: It was exciting to have met you! Like Pei-Lin you're like my "sifu". You're so pleasantly warm and friendly, anyone could almost get into a conversation with you as if they've known you for years! It's been a real pleasure to meet you and to know that nothing can stop us from blogging =p

@HHB: Thanks for dropping by and sharing similar sentiments! Everyone was asking about you then! We certainly hope someday, somehow, MAYBE you could make it. In the mean time, your comments made me feel so much better. And I couldnt agree more that we can be SO busy that we don't even have time for short posts. And sometimes this kinda mentality is like a vicious cycle, the longer you're gone, the more you wouldn't be back. But I'm lucky to have gotten much inspiration and support from you and the others to keep me going. THANKS!

Thanks for always being there to lend your fullest support in whatever I do. Most wouldnt have been possible without you around. =)

Aimei said...

Nice meeting you that day. :) I can understand how difficult it is to keep up with blogging and work. I have the same problem too... i blog lesser than i used to and always hope i have more than 24 hours a day! Jusy try your best and keep up with your love for baking which I'm sure you will ya..

Hope to see you soon. :)

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Youfei, although we did not get to talk much but it is always lovely to meet new like minded people. Will be looking out for your new posts :)

Pei-Lin said...

Hey, I was in the same position as you did! I failed to make it to SG last X'mas to see you. Glad that I could this time around. And I killed so many birds with one stone lor ... Hahaha! =P

Jiayou! Keep it up! Don't give up, K? Lemme know if you need people to talk to. =) ... Been missing you and the rest ... *Sigh*

youfei said...

@Jo: Yes! It was really nice to finally see you again! I really admire your persistence for baking, cookie AND photography, not to mention, blogging as well. I really must learn from you. being "busy" certainly doesn't seem like a good excuse for me now! =X

@Aimei: I guess all of us feel the same to a certain extent. I'm so exhausted by the end of the day, i just want to rest, sleep and slack. haha!

Thanks alot for your encouragement! We shall jia you tgt!

@Shirley: It was nice listening to you share your experiences, defnitely glad to have met you! Keep in touch!

@Pei-Lin: After making it to the blogger's party, I kinda feel an unknown "push" to move on and continue to bake and blog.

Likewise, you must must not give up as well! =p Will definitely drop you an email! =D

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