Wednesday, January 3, 2007

about me!

Hi everyone!

I am You Fei, better known as Fiona to some others, and I love baking!

My love for baking sparked off when I was just a teenage girl and like many others, I started with boxes of pre-mix and betty crocker. As with the paper-chase mentality of many Singaporeans alike, I neglected my love for baking. My love for baking rekindled some 2-3 years ago when I decided to try my hands on baking some pineapple tarts for the Chinese New Year.

My love for baking has since blossomed and has continue and will continue (I hope) for the many years to come.

This little humble blog is here to pen down my successes and failures and some essential baking lessons and tips I've picked up from other bloggers along the way. Like how I benefitted from the blogosphere, I am trying my best to benefit others as well.

Enjoy your stay!

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